Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 48

Saturday 1 December
Got mail from:
Heidi - Norway
Veronique - Netherlands

Thursdag 29 November
Got letter and Christmas pressent from Beate in Norway

Wednesday 28 November
Today did I got my first Christmas present, from Victoria in Norway

Monday 26 November

This weekend have I really been in a writing mood, so mailed letters to:
Tamera - Norway
Nicoletta - Greece
Heidi - Norway
Kine - Norway
Victoria - Norway

I also sent out my first christmas present 


  1. Lots of nice mail! By the way, is that Christmas themed stamp on your envelope? Nice! :D

  2. I like your mail! :D I'm sure your pals will be happy to receive those letters! :)

  3. Oh, Christmas stamps! Nice! :)

  4. Thanks:)
    Yes it's christmas stamps and I love them too :)