Saturday, August 25, 2012

Do you find it hard to write the first letter?

I have been penpalling since I was a girl, so around 20 years have I had this hobby. But still do I find the first letter hard to write, why is it so many that have this feelling about the intro letters??

I guess I feel its hard because I'm just in one letter try to tell who I'm and get the new pal to want to write me back. Because it has happen that you never hear from them again, but is this because your letter was boring or is it a person that not really are looking for a new penpal?

But anyway I find it important to tell them who I'm in the first letter. Your name (ofcourse), age (when you have birthday), were you are living and who you are living with. Perhaps importants dates in your life (when you started your relationship,got married, got kids....)
I also like to tell them about my familly. I also sometimes tell them about my childhood, were I was living....

Let them know what I do for living, what are my hobbies and if I already know we have something in comment I write more about this.

You can also let them know whats music and tv shows you are a fan of, sometimes you have much in comment here:)

But I also try to write about something that has just happen in my life, because I feel the letter just need something else then just information about myself :p

What do you find it important to write in the first letter?
Do you like or hate to write this intro letter?
Have you wrote a introduce letter and never heard from the pal again?


  1. It's the hardest for me as well. It already happened that I got a very short and boring first letter from a pen pal and then her second letter was amazing and we became great friends, that's why I never judge people because of the 1st letter. I simply don't like to talk about myself all time, I love to ask and discuss things. Once the 2nd comes, it all goes smoothly :)

  2. I totally agree, the first is the hardest! I include some info about myself, my family, interests, hobbies and where I live. It seems many people have heard of Dallas, Texas because of the Dallas television show so it's an easy conversation to add in.

    When I have time, I don't mind writing first.

  3. I'm glad to hear its not only me that find this letter hard. I always write the first if I ask one to be my pal, I think thats the right thing to do