Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mail week 33

At Friday 17th August did I mail letters to Beate and Kine in Norway. I havent had time to so much writing this week, so it felt wonderful to finally get time to finish 2 letters:)

Incomming 16th August

I'm now a member of Letter writers alliance and today did I get the welcome letter. If you are into penpalling why not join this too?
Info about it: The Letter Writers Alliance is a member based organization dedicated to keeping the art of letter writing alive started in the Summer of 2007 by Kathy Zadrozny and Donovan Beeson. With a combination of both online presence and in person gatherings we strive to give people the tools to maintain the art of letter writing.
With over 2,700 members worldwide, the member site is the biggest part of the Alliance. We offer free printable downloads, exclusive member products, and vintage postal items. The LWA has been included in the letter writing book,Good Mail Day and has been interviewed by the BBC regarding the importance of paper correspondence. At then end of the day, we are happy to see so many people enthusiastic about letter writing.

15th August did I got letter from Lene in Denmark and from my very close pal Tamera from Norway.

14 August I got very surprised when I open the mailbox and found this parsel waiting for me.
It was a birthdaypresent and ofcourse a letter from Monica from Norway. 

Monday 13 August did I mail letters for Victoria and Bente in Norway and to Veronique in Netherlands. Hope that Veronique will receive the letter, I had a problem earlier in the summer and the letter came in return to me after a while. Even if I wrote correct address. Sometimes I just dont understand what is happening under the mails trip. One time a letter used 2 year to received a pal inBelgium.
Have something like this happen to you?

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