Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 37

Saturday 15th September

Bought some more stamps today and has came new decor at the stamps. Always great to get some new look at the stamps and it doesn't happen to often. I felt this stamps was had a good norwegian look:D
The last letter for this week came from my swedish pal Rebecka.

I also mailed a letter to Sonja in Germany:)

Friday 14th September
Letters on the way to
Tamera in Norway
Lori in USA

Thursdag 13 September
Finally some letters in my mailbox and it was from:
Lise in Norway
Micheline in Belgium

 This weekend did we just stay at home, so then I got a lot of time to write some letters.

Letters on the way to:
Victoria - Norway
Lene - Denmark
Sarah - USA
Lisa - Australia 

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