Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week 38

Thank you all for visit my blog, I have now had 1000 visitors and that makes me very happy

Has been a busy week for me, so havent wrote a single letter, so I'm sure next week will be much better. I will try my best

Friday 21st September
Got a letter from my sweet penpal in Netherland

Thursday 20th September

Got the letter paper I order from etsy, Julie Penpal of the week. I just loved it and I'm sure that I will buy more from her:)

Wednesday 19th September
 Got letters from Tamera and Victoria from Norway

Tuesday 18th September

Today I got a letter from Norway and one from USA.
Tasia in USA also sent me a fridge magnet and she wrote about the trip to Norway.

Monday 17th September

Mailed letters to Rebecca in Norway and to Valerie in Canada

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